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As I was not expecting any benefit (if I got one at
all) for several weeks there is no possibility of any
placebo effect, and the almost unbelievable
improvement in my zest for life can only be ascribed to the combination of Maximol colloidal mineral complex in combination with the Revenol anti-oxidant tablets. This evening I have started my wife on the same programme I am following, so we will need more supplies of these two quite remarkable products.
Kenneth Rowley

A number of people have remarked on how well I look and this has given me my self pride back. These products have helped me and I will take them for the rest of my life.
Keith Lake

During the 5-6 weeks I received information about
Colloidal Minerals with Fulvic Acid and immediately decided to give it a try. It is now October 2000 and I am feeling great, got my energy back and back to my normal weight. My friends keep asking me what I have done!
C V Mudle (Mrs)

Thank you for introducing me to Maximol Solutions. I have been taking it, as you know, for about six weeks, and after an experience last weekend
I shall continue to take it forever.
Peter J Pearmain


I have been taking Maximol for approximately two
years. After the first four or so months on this
wonderful solution, I have found that I have more
energy and a feeling of well-being like never before. Thank you Neways for this great health supplement.
Deborah Scott

I can quite honestly say that had I not introduced
mineral supplementation into my diet when I
did.........It is with awesome appreciation that I am now fit and healthy thanks to Neways' wonderful products that have made such a difference to my quality of life.
George Rajek

To date I have completed three bottles of Maximol (and one Revenol) and I cannot believe how well I am. My energy levels have increased - I now have an appetite and enjoy my food. I have recommended Neways to almost everyone I know! Thanks a million!
Alicia Mackay

About five months ago I was given some information by some friends about two nutritional supplements called Revenol and Ming Gold. After about two months I noticed that I had a great deal more sustained energy to get through all the things I wanted to do in a day. I find I can now enjoy an active social life, often going out and have recently taken up Yoga. These products have definitely made a tremendous difference to the way I feel and to my whole lifestyle.
Lin Russell

My family now recognises me, and my wife says it's nice to see me laughing again. I don't know if things will continue to improve, but I am certainly delighted with the progress so far. Life is about quality not quantity and now for the first time in a long time I have some quality. My concern now is for my wife, as she has been so excited that she has hardly slept since last Friday!
Nick Cooke

I am absolutely thrilled with the results I have received from using NEWAYS products. My first experience was with (Maximol) Mineral Solutions. I had always been faithful with taking vitamins, but, never once thought about minerals. After being on Mineral Solutions for 6 weeks I noticed that my hair had stopped falling out; no more hair in the drain or on the bathroom floor. I had been plagued with tonsillitis and mouth sores most of my life. After starting on Mineral Solutions whenever a sore started, I doubled up on the Minerals and by the next day the sore was gone. Mineral Solutions will forever be the way I start my morning.
Linda Grayling

I have been taking Maximol Solutions and Revenol for a little over a year now. After the first few months I noticed a remarkable difference in how I felt. It wasn't a quick fix and some of the effects I experienced were completely unexpected. I began to get fewer and fewer colds and illnesses even though every one around me was sick. The unexpected treat was losing my allergies! I have taken perscription medication for allergies most of my life (since I was a teen). I didn't even realize that they weren't bothering me until months later. I stopped taking the allergy meds over a year ago and have not had one single allergy attack since then. Before I started on these supplements I had to use an inhaler on and off. The inhaler hasn't left the medicine cabinet in over a year! I am not sure which product has made such a difference but I don't intend to stop either to find out! It is such a new experience to walk past the field of ragweed and not even feel a sniffle! Thank you Neways for giving me back my health!
Valerie Healey

From the time I was a teenager, I had always been a sleeper. I often went to bed as early as my family would allow (eight to eight-thirty was my preference). As I got older, this pattern did not stop, in fact, it worsened. I was just always tired and exhausted at the end of the day. My parent's worried, my husband and son just wondered and figured this was just how I was. After my husband, Karl, and I were introduced to Neways, we began with the basic group of daily products; Maximol, Revenol and Noni Juice.

After about two months, I was absolutely astonished that I was NOT TIRED ANYMORE! I don't think I realized how much I was sleeping until I wasn't sleeping as much anymore. Now days, I stay up until ten-thirty, eleven o'clock and wake up at six o'clock and I am rarely tired. I am not sure which of the products has made the most difference or if it was the combination. All I know is that I feel as if I have a large piece of my life back. Not only that, my Mother was so impressed by my change that she now takes Neways' products as well. Thank you Tom and Dee, the Neways family and every distributor out there sharing this business.
Signe Ledgerwood

Products That Work....
I'm 52. Three years ago last February I was putting up a heavy duty fence in my back garden and as I got to the last bit I unfortunately stepped back and took a fall off a platform all of 2 feet high straight onto concrete, which I met with my full weight on the four vertebrae just above my pelvis.
The upshot of thus was that 2 hours later, when I finished my dinner, I discovered that I couldn’t get up from the dining table but instead could only drop to the floor in agony. By midnight I was paralysed in both legs and could only lie on my front across a stool with my legs hanging down one side and my arms down the other. This was the position in which the doctor conveniently found me when he shoved the pethidine needle in, after which I staggered off to bed completely numb from head to foot!

Next day, I was transformed into a wreck. My back was hurting like hell, and my left leg was completely closed down, no feeling in it whatsoever, no movement, no nothing, in fact it fell like a huge water-filled balloon hung on my waist. The doctor diagnosed severe bruising of the vertebrae (no fractures thank goodness) and tissue swelling causing several trapped nerves - the ones which just happened to run my left leg. He gave me a choice - an immediate operation to fuse the vertebrae together and free the trapped nerves, or extended physiotherapy and pain killers. I chose the latter principally because a friend of mine with a similar unfortunate injury had chosen the former and (a) and had to be operated on twice because the first operation didn’t work, and (b) to this day cannot walk properly and never will again.

The rest of the story covers 3 years! I spent the first mouth on crutches, the next six with a walking stick, and the rest on six or more strong pain killers a day gradually improving from being able to hobble round the kitchen unaided to this year being able to hobble round the village unaided, providing I only did it once a day ! Throughout all this time, I never got any feeling back in my left leg, although I taught myself to swing it about in the rough direction needed to walk. And my wife and family, just to cheer me up, keep telling me I looked 70 not 50!

And then the tape dropped through my door. As a biochemist it made sense to me, and I felt I had nothing to lose, so I started taking 2 capfuls of Maximol twice a day. On the fourth day of taking it I woke up to find that, although it ached like hell I could actually FEEL the bedclothes on my left leg. I couldn't believe it - but there’s more! After taking my normal early morning pain killers I discovered I was no longer in pain for the first time in 3 years! By lunch I had decided not to take my lunchtime dose, I didn’t need it. And since then, over 7 months ago, I have taken a TOTAL of 8 aspirin tablets, and 6 of those were for a headache!

That evening (the fourth day) I gave my wife and 11 year old son a huge fright. The reason was that they were playing football in the back garden - my wife having taken over my father-son duties for the past three years. Three weeks before I had been watching them play when the ball had been kicked in my direction and had struck my left leg. I had ended up on the floor in agony, and had to be helped back to the house. On this day, the same scene, except this time without thinking, I kicked it back! And there were no ill effects, no collapse, no agony, although they both rushed toward me expecting me to need help!

Since then I’ve played football, cricket, golf, badminton, tennis,, swimming, Jet skiing and water polo. Best of all my family all agree I look 50again, whilst I feel like I did when I was 30...

My argument is if the healing processes for an injury like mine can he reinforced and invigorated by this stuff in such a dramatic manner, what about the healing processes which operate every day to repair an the tissue damage and injuries we suffer internally as we live. i.e. the ones which gradually slow down as we age and which ultimately lead to our deaths. If these can be kept in peak condition then it seems to me we have a chance of living for our full genetic lifespan (circa 130 years ?). I reckon we have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain, by taking this seriously.
Dr. John Beard

I am writing to thank you for introducing me to the colloidal minerals (Maximol) . I have been suffering from cervical spondulosis for a considerable number of years. In order to relieve the pain in my neck, I have been taking painkillers several times a day. Recently I was advised to consider neurosurgery as all treatments, including physiotherapy, acupuncture and analgesia have provided little or no relief from pain.

After taking Maximol for two weeks, I am pleased to inform you I do not need to take any analgesics, and this is my fifth month without any painkillers. What a relief! In the fifteen years that I have suffered from this painful condition, it”s now good to know that I do not have to take the potent analgesics I should know, I am a nurse. So it”s goodbye painkillers and welcome Maximol. What a change! What a transformation!

I started taking the Noni and Maximol in February of this 2003, and then started to get bronchitis in March. I tripled up on the Maximol and Noni and it was gone in a week!!! My allergy symptoms also decreased and I was able to stop taking the shots in June.
Aryn A J Meyer


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